How do I publish my React app for free?

Publishing a React app for free is an effortless and budget-friendly means to make your application accessible to the public. React is an open-source JavaScript library devised by Facebook for constructing user interfaces and web applications. It is a powerful and widely-used technology that many developers employ to create exceptional apps. In this article, we will talk about how to publish your React app without any cost.

Step 1: Acquire A Domain and Hosting
The initial step in publishing your React app for free is to get a domain and hosting. There are many free and low-priced alternatives available, for example the famous GoDaddy and Namecheap. After you have your domain and hosting, you can then upload your React app files to the server.

Step 2: Install a Server
The subsequent step is to install a server. This can be accomplished utilizing a package such as Apache or Nginx. The server will be liable for serving your React app to the public. When the server is installed, you must configure it to serve your app.

Step 3: Deploy Your App
Once the server is

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