Why Ruby on Rails is not popular?

Ruby on Rails (RoR) is a popular open-source, full-stack web application framework written in Ruby language, which enables developers to create database-backed web applications quickly and easily. Despite its popularity and ease of use, it is not as widely used as other web development frameworks such as Django or ASP.NET, which raises the question: why? In this article, we take a look at the reasons behind RoR’s relative unpopularity.

Complexity and Overhead
Ruby on Rails is often seen as overly complex and bloated. It requires a lot of code to be written in order to achieve the same results as other web frameworks, and the overhead of setting up a project and configuring it for deployment can be time-consuming and intimidating for less experienced developers. Additionally, RoR is often accused of being unable to handle large amounts of traffic efficiently.

Lack of Documentation and Support
Another reason why RoR is not as popular as other web development frameworks is due to the lack of documentation and support available. The official RoR documentation is not as comprehensive as those of other web frameworks, and there is also a lack of third-party tutorials and resources available. This makes it difficult for developers to find the information they need when they are stuck or need to troubleshoot a problem. Additionally, there are fewer libraries and frameworks available for RoR than for other web frameworks, which means that developers must often build custom solutions from scratch.

High Learning Curve
Ruby is a complex language, and many developers find it difficult to pick up and learn. This is particularly true for developers who have experience with other web development frameworks, as the syntax is often very different and can be confusing. Additionally, RoR is often seen as more opinionated than other web development frameworks, which means that developers must adhere to certain conventions in order to get the most out of RoR.

Although Ruby on Rails is a popular web development framework, it is not as widely used as other web development frameworks due to its complexity, lack of documentation and support, and high learning curve. Despite this, RoR is still a great option for developers who are comfortable with its conventions and who are looking for a fast and easy way to get started with web application development.

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